The hardest part of any business is finding clients to work with. If you feel like your home construction business is in a slump, you may need to create a new marketing plan.

Let’s discuss some easy and inexpensive marketing strategies you should implement to attract new clients.

Decide Who Your Ideal Client Is

In order to successfully create a new marketing campaign, you need to decide who you want to attract.

Think of the best projects you’ve worked on. What were those clients like? What type of project did they hire you to do? What was their budget?

Now, when you move forward in creating content and marketing pieces, design them with those clients in mind. This will help you attract people who are similar and make the conversion from lead to client much more effortless.

Take Advantage of Social Media

When used properly, social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Create Facebook and Instagram pages and post pictures of your completed projects, blogs containing useful information related to home remodels, and client testimonials.

You can’t just be all about self-promotion on your social media pages though. You need to interact with other users. Look in community groups on Facebook – someone is always asking for recommendations for a contractor. Make an effort to be visible in these community groups so that when someone asks for a recommendation, you’re the first name that gets thrown out there.

LinkedIn is an underutilized social media platform your business needs to be on. The audience on LinkedIn has more decision-makers you can easily reach. Posting informative articles or videos on LinkedIn will help you grow your audience and help you generate new leads.

You Need a Website

In today’s world, an easy to navigate website is a must-have. Potential clients are going to look you up online, and if you don’t have a website, it makes you look bad.

Again, create content with your ideal client in mind. You’ll want to include pictures of past projects and useful information that someone who is just starting the planning phase of a home remodel would want to see.

We could write an entire book on how to utilize your website to generate leads. These are just a couple of things you can do to maximize your website’s lead generating capabilities:

  • Set up google ads
  • Write SEO optimized blogs posts
  • Create a lead capturing system to get potential clients’ email addresses and phone numbers

Stay In Touch with Email Marketing

Creating specialized email campaigns to stay in touch with potential clients and past clients alike is a relatively easy way to stay top of mind. You can send out video messages, write-ups of past projects, ask for referrals, and so forth through weekly emails.

Creating an email marketing strategy will take some time on the front end, but once it is up and running, it won’t require a ton of work on your end.

Remember, starting a new marketing strategy can take time and requires trial and error. It’s essential to keep tabs on what is generating business and what is not so that you know where to spend time, effort, and money. Stay consistent, and eventually, your efforts will pay off.