We’ve written in the past about why content marketing is important to you as a remodeler. It’s one of the best ways to make yourself known as an expert in the field.

That’s become even more important in the last several months as the novel coronavirus changes how people consume information.
See Content Marketing in the Time of Covid

But it is necessary to have a strategy in place to avoid making mistakes in your marketing. If you’re tackling your marketing in-house, this is crucial, but it’s important to keep these items in mind even when working with an outside expert.

With that in mind, here are 7 common content marketing mistakes to watch out for.

1. Not knowing your target audience

What do you know about your average customer? What neighborhood do they live in? How much is their house worth? What do they do for a living? What type of remodeling are they looking for?

Presumably, you want to attract more people like them, so this average customer is the one you should imagine when creating content. The content should be of value to them and align with your services. For example, if you don’t build decks, content on outdoor living probably won’t help you drive business.

2. Forgetting to balance timely & evergreen

The best results are going to be generated by “evergreen” content – that is, content that is useful to potential customers indefinitely, such as tips on preparing for a remodel. When done well, clients should be able to find this content for years to come.

Two caveats to that, though: First, it’s a good idea to review past posts on occasion to make sure that content hasn’t become dated or inaccurate. Secondly, there are times when writing timely content makes a lot of sense. We helped many clients with COVID-related content in March and April, focused around how they keep their employees and clients safe. Obviously, this topic was important then and continues to be now, but hopefully will be dated down the road. Other examples would be if there is a timely event or promotion.

3. Content with no call to action

Your SEO and great content has gotten them to your website, but make sure you ask them to do something. What is the “call to action” in a given piece of content? This can be specific, tied to attending an event like a Parade of Homes, or as general as “Contact Us” to learn more. If you have an additional piece of content (like a remodeling guide) that you can offer in exchange for signing up for an enewsletter, that is a great way to generate leads.

4. Not approving content before publishing

Whether you’re crafting your marketing in-house or relying on external help, the company owner or a trusted surrogate needs to be involved in approving content. That is why at RT Marketing, our clients always are involved in and get final approval on the content we produce for them. The message is going out there with your name and affects your brand, so it shouldn’t be delegated and forgotten.

5. Inconsistency in posting

Good content marketing builds upon itself to drive business. The worst thing you can do is post six blogs in a month, then miss two weeks, then create a flurry of posts. The same holds true with social media, videos, podcasts, etc. Create a schedule and stick to it to make sure your message is consistent and regular.

6. Focusing on quantity, not quality

That said, quantity should not be the end goal. Regular posting, yes, but not flooding your audience with too much questionable information. The most important goal is to make sure the content is useful, high-quality information. Make sure the content connects with your customers. Posting just to post something doesn’t pay off in the long run.

7. Expecting instant results

Like all marketing, content marketing is a long game. It’s an investment in your company, not a quick fix for a struggling business. It requires a sustained effort (see #5 above) to build a brand and a collection of content. The longer you invest in a content strategy, if done right, the better it works.

Looking for more insight on how to create a winning content marketing strategy for your remodeling company? RT Marketing can help! We know the industry and we get to know your specific market to create a customized solution for you. Contact us today for more information!