It’s easy to think of brand building as something that big businesses – the Apples and Amazons of the world – do. But, if anything, it’s even more important for small businesses like most remodelers to establish a brand identity that resonates with customers.

Your brand represents the sum total of what your customers and potential customers think of you. It demonstrates what you do, builds your reputation and communicates trust and credibility.

Here are five tips on how you can build your brand as a remodeler. If you’re not sure where to start with any of these items, contact us today. We’ve helped dozens of remodelers refine and create their brand message.

1. Your company name

Your name makes a very important first impression. Changing a company name shouldn’t be done lightly, especially if you’ve been in business a long time. However, does it reflect the full scope of your business? Maybe you were just a roofing company when you started. Nelson & Sons Roofing tells the potential customer at first glance that you don’t offer siding, windows, etc. If that’s not the correct impression, adjust.

2. Update your logo and website

Just like your name, does the company logo and website send the right message? Does it look like it was last updated in 2006? Was the logo whipped up using some clip art? Is it a disaster if someone visits it on a phone? Spend some money to deliver a professional, responsive (mobile-friendly) website.

3. Create a customer persona

Who is your average customer? Hopefully, this is something you know. If not, do the research and identify that client – how old are they, what neighborhood(s) do they live in, what types of homes do they own.

Why do they buy your services? What has made them choose you? If you don’t know, ask them! See Walking a Mile Beside Your Customer Persona

These customer personas – the clients you have and (if different) the clients you want – should guide your marketing decisions.

4. Consistent marketing presence

We’re big believers in a mix of marketing methods, from email to social media to direct mail to in-person events. But wherever you choose to market, it’s important to keep consistently marketing. On social media, that means keeping up a regular schedule of posting. For print advertising or direct mail, multiple touches help to reinforce the message and remind people that you are there. It’s all about being front of mind when the time comes that they need a remodeler, whether it’s an unanticipated event like a fire or storm, or a planned upgrade to the kitchen or bathroom.

5. Solicit and monitor online reviews

It’s a given that your potential clients are going to seek out independent information about you through online reviews, whether it be on GuildQuality, Google, Angie’s List, Houzz … the options are endless. Consumers are much more likely to leave negative reviews than positive reviews, so it’s important to ask your customers to leave reviews. Set up a system of post-project follow-up to make sure they are happy with their project and ask them to leave a review. This can be easily done with an email and links to various review sites. Be sure to monitor review sites for negative comments about your business as well, so you can respond to the client to see if you can fix their problem or respond publicly if appropriate.

So when considering your brand and whether it’s adequate, keep all of these items in mind. And, if you would like help with your brand-building efforts, give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form. We can do it all or just provide the help you need to bring it all together.