As the realities of COVID-19 were hitting us in March, the first inclination for many companies was to stop marketing. It’s an understandable reaction – when people are dealing with life and death decisions and economic setbacks, pitching them on a product or service can seem tone-deaf.

But in reality it’s about how you market. Any hard sell is out. In the best of times, making your marketing just about you is a bad idea. It’s also worth noting that research shows consumers are already growing tired of the “We’re all in this together” messaging most brands have been putting out. Going for total radio silence is also a bad mistake.

Your marketing needs to be about what your clients or potential clients need. We know that everyone is spending more time in their homes these days. And we also know that the more time you spend in your home, the more likely you are to find items that could use an upgrade.

Google search trends bear that out. Searches for “home improvement” are up more than 200 percent over the last 30 days. Some notable categories: kitchen countertops up more than 100 percent, kitchen cabinets up 60 percent, “room addition contractor” up 50 percent; deck building up 40 percent.  (These are numbers for the U.S., but you can drill down for your state or region.)

Everybody is also spending more time online and on social media.

So, naturally, your marketing needs to reflect trends like that. Content marketing is the perfect solution for the situation. You’re not explicitly promoting your company. Rather, it is the creation and sharing of content that drives interest in your products, such as blogs, video or social media.

For example, considering the needs homeowners have right now, a blog post on how to choose new kitchen surfaces makes a lot of sense. It’s not necessarily about driving business right now. Instead, you’re building trust, supporting your customers through these tough times. You’re now a storyteller!

Make yourself the expert in this time of uncertainty. No matter where homeowners are in that decision-making process, everyone wants to dream. Keep creating content that homeowners care about and your company will be front of mind when they’re ready to undertake that next project.

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