Someone found your remodeling company when their friend shared one of your Facebook posts and called you on a Monday morning. Your gatekeeper prescreened the caller and set up an appointment, setting your well-defined sales process into motion. Your seasoned salesperson is ready to go—but are your sales materials as effective as they should be? When is the last time you updated your materials as a part of continuing to hone your sales process?

As marketers we suggest remodeling companies update their sales materials every several years, along with other brand and material refreshes. Here are some considerations to make when deciding what to include in your sales material.

  • Gatekeeper-facing documents help conduct market research which assists in finding out more information on your target demographic. How did you hear about us?” is the standard question that tells you which of your marketing channels sent this particular client your way.

This is particularly important if one of your past clients recommended you! You’ll want to reach out to the client who gave your company a referral and thank them. Remodelers get a large portion of their business from word of mouth, and it is the highest compliment to have someone refer a friend or family member to your remodeling company.

Your gatekeeper also ensures that all decision-makers in the household will be present during the sales call and attempts to determine the homeowner’s budget.

An elderly couple viewing  sales materials from a salesperson or agent.
  • Salesperson-facing materials can include questions about exactly what the homeowner wants and needs the project to accomplish for them, information about which other companies they may be discussing the project with, past experiences having that type of project completed, budget, and other demographic information.
  • Client-facing materials can include:
    • Leave-behind brochures
    • Follow-up postcards or thank you cards
    • Presentations or videos shared by the salesperson and emailed to the prospect

Ask yourself if your materials cover:

  • Your company’s differentiators. What sets you apart from your competitors?
  • Does it touch on client pain points? Is your company solving a problem?
  • Does it show off your company’s skills with photos and processes spelled out concisely—all without forgetting the client?

Get Professional Materials

If you are undergoing a rebranding, or refresh of your brand, do not overlook your sales materials. It is not just information on your services you share with your clients, but the questions you ask that help you market more effectively. Beautiful, quality, sales materials are wonderful, but the content also has to be strong. Even though your sales materials can show off your company’s best work or achievements, don’t forget the client! Make your prospects feel like a part of your company’s story.

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