Banking on the emotional evocativeness of print, and the nostalgic factor for parents of young children, Amazon brought back their substantial holiday toy catalog this year, for a second year. The 2019 Amazon catalog comes with a “Wish List” piece of cardstock stationery and a sheet of festive stickers. Everything about this print artifact is high quality. I found myself whispering “This must have cost a fortune,” and also “they’re geniuses.”

This is not me, but that is how I felt as a small child wondering if Santa would bring what I asked for.

I remember carrying similar catalogs around through the months of November and December as a young child, dog-earring pages, circling toys I wanted, and penning urgent notes to Santa. Sitting with my daughter and looking through the Amazon catalog brought back that same magical sense of possibility. But it isn’t only the emotional response that makes this marketing strategy so effective.

In addition to bringing back fond memories, the Amazon catalog fills a need: it adds a value to my life. I had no idea what to get my four-year-old for Christmas this year. She has selected several toys, which I quickly found online. It surprises me and makes me feel a little bit embarrassed that a corporate giant like Amazon managed to leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling, while at the same time they targeted my household so perfectly based on the previous contents of my Amazon cart.

RT Marketing Knows Print Newsletters Can Be Effective for Builders and Remodelers

My favorite job responsibility is writing the articles for our print newsletter on design trends.

Print newsletters can work similarly for builders and remodelers. Consumers in the market for luxury remodeling or custom home building almost expect quality print with beautiful photography. This is how people remember companies. Not only can they hold onto a print advertising artifact for as long as they are considering your services, but they can pass it along to someone in their life who may be seeking out a remodeling or building company.

Your desired clientele are busy individuals. They want the best for their home, and they can afford the price tag, but how many of them have the time to do exhaustive research on interior design trends, remodeling, or the most effective storage methods? This is where quality content can come in for your clients, filling a need they may not even have articulated to themselves yet. This strategy helps you in the long run, not only by securing a sale, but providing you with a client who is more informed on what they want or need in a design before they hire you.