This month we are highlighting one of our longest employed team members–Robb Bolick. Robb has been with RT for eight years in a few different capacities.  His latest role is Project Manager. As we are expanding into a new market of providing annual marketing services, Robb will draw from his experience to direct our team in the wide array of new services these contracts will bring.

This is a year of milestones for Robb and his family. He and his wife, Karen, recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Karen received her elementary school teaching degree with honors and is now teaching 4th grade. His son, Jarod, has reached driving age and will soon be sitting behind the wheel driving Robb around! Robb’s daughter, Krista, is officially 13 going on 30.

Although Robb enjoys the Hickory area, he enjoys having sand between his toes and soaking up the sun more. He is our resident Beach Bum. Whenever we discuss food for staff meetings, Robb suggests pizza or donuts. “I haven’t had a donut yet I don’t like!” he’ll say.

Robb is an integral member of our team and his background adds a unique perspective to what our team as a whole is able to offer. We thank Robb for his number of years of service and his genuine concern for providing the best to our clients.