Video marketing isn’t the “up and coming” marketing strategy anymore. It has arrived and should be an important part of your content marketing today.

According to research from HubSpot, more than half of consumers want to see more video content from companies. So what should you be focused on?

For remodelers, there are some natural options.

One of the most popular types of videos on YouTube are how-to/tutorials.

If you’re not sure what to focus on, talk to your front-line employees – your receptionist, your estimators, your customer service team – whoever has the most contact with the customers. What are the common problems? If you have a handyman division, for instance, what types of calls are you getting?

You’re not looking to have your potential customers tackle big projects themselves, of course. But let’s say there’s a lot of demand for outdoor living projects – then produce a video about problems areas to look for on your deck. It’s all about establishing yourself as a helpful expert, such as in this video produced by T.W. Ellis.

People are looking for experts.

You and your team have the expertise to share with homeowners. Have your window installer talk about why that X brand window you use is going to cut energy bills. Interview a designer about the latest trends in countertops or flooring (or alternatives to stainless steel sinks, like in this video from Normandy Remodeling).

Show off your work.

We’re blessed to work in an industry with beautiful projects to show off. Photos are great and you need to keep investing in professional artwork, but how about picking a great project and offering a virtual walk-through? It can give you the ability to show off the details of a project and share vital information in a way that photos simply can’t. You can explain why certain decisions were made, how you helped the homeowner solve the problem and more. (It’s also a great way to supplement a Parade of Homes home, especially today.)

Let your customers speak.

Homeowners don’t want to hear you talk about how wonderful you are. They want to hear it from other clients. Get those raving fans to talk about their experience. This video from Atlanta Design & Build is a great example of that.

Should you go live?

The hottest trend in video right now is live video. Viewers love the immediacy and it gives companies the chance to interact in real-time. But going live just to go live doesn’t make a lot of sense. Make sure you have a good reason.

Live streaming lends itself well to certain types of contents, such as events, or Q&As with customers. The performance doesn’t have to be as polished because it’s “live.”

Some of the drawbacks: Anything can happen, including technical issues. You don’t get to fix your flubs. There’s also the potential that trying to have a live event could result in low engagement if nobody tunes in. This is especially true if you are counting on questions or feedback from the audience. Anytime you’re preparing that type of event, be sure to have content prepared ahead of time. Never assume you’ll hear from your audience!

Facebook Live and YouTube are the most popular live streaming options, but there are plenty of others out there as well. The benefit of using Facebook, in particular, is it allows you to leverage your already-existing social media following.