During my twenty years as a writer for RT Marketing, I’ve spent many hours researching and writing articles for our clients on the subject of “Why Choose a Design/Build Company?” In the process, I’ve discovered that our full-service marketing company has a lot in common with Design/Build companies. And these things that we have in common can offer distinct advantages to our clients.

Several years ago, Linda Case wrote a book entitled “Design/build for remodelers, custom builders, and architects.” From her book, I’d like to parlay the following six advantages of Design/Build to help answer the question “Why Choose RT Marketing?”

1. Cost-effective
Since 1989, RT Marketing has specialized entirely in the building industry. We’ve gained the expertise to conceive and produce every facet of your annual marketing campaign within a realistic, specified budget.

2. Professional
We don’t need to spend a lot of time getting to know the industry before we can offer true professional advice. Our acumen helps streamline the process, saving you money. We know which marketing efforts are suitable and function well within the building industry, and we know how to obtain competitive prices.

3. One-Stop Shop
Our team can manage every aspect of your annual marketing campaign from start to finish. We listen carefully to your requests from the outset, then return with suggestions, and ultimately present you with a cohesive plan for the entire year.

4. One Point of Accountability
Our team becomes your one accountable expert who will keep your marketing efforts free of different interpretations as it moves from the design to the production phase. We’ll make sure that your branding is always consistent, making a much stronger statement about who you are as a company.

5. Time Savings
With RT Marketing handling all aspects of your annual marketing campaign, more can be accomplished within a shorter period of time. We have the synergy of our team working together on your campaign, sharing ideas and resources.

6. Strong Working Relationship
We establish a working relationship with you from the outset. We spend time learning what is important to you before we make any suggestions. Your comfort level increases as the year goes by and you’re getting to know each member of our team.