Online reviews of your company are still more important than ever. We are taking a dose of our own marketing medicine by sending a recent email requesting reviews from our clients!

According to Spiegel Research Center, nearly 95% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. Reviews on higher-end products and services (such as home remodeling projects) influence customers’ purchasing habits more than smaller purchases. A home remodeling project can be seen as a risk by prospective clients. Remodeling can also be the type of service that is viewed as a reflection of the buyer themselves. After all, our homes are where we live and can be seen as the ultimate reflection of our identities.

Consumers are Skeptical of Perfect Reviews

Did you know that some consumers feel like five-star reviews are “too good to be true?” We live in a time of extreme skepticism. It helps if your clients are as specific as possible in the review to justify leaving five stars, especially if they bring up any hiccups in the process that had a smooth resolution. As stellar as our clients are, we are all only human. Online reviews like this may help soothe the skepticism in your potential customers.

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Many consumers only take the time to browse negative reviews, which often, surprisingly, help establish some credibility to a company. If nothing else, negative reviews can show authenticity when they are properly addressed. It is important to address negative reviews with a response. Ignoring negative reviews does not make them go away, but rather, they become more glaringly noticeable. Responding to negative criticism is a matter to be handled delicately, and often something your marketing team can assist you with.  

Reviews from verified clients hold more value than an anonymous five-star rating. Most discerning consumers can spot excessive one-star ratings with no commentary, owners or employees trying to inflate ratings with excessive five-star reviews (a tactic sure to break any chance of trust with potential clients), or vindictive comments from non-customers, but that does not guarantee those types of reviews will not influence their purchasing decision.

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Here are several places you can request reviews of your company:

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The reason so many businesses ask for reviews via email or social media is because that’s a sound method for requesting customer feedback.

Let us know how we’re doing by leaving us a review on Google. If you need marketing for your home remodeling business, contact us today! We have more than 30 years of experience marketing specifically for remodelers and home builders.