Marketing is an essential part of any business plan, but it can come with challenges. Every industry has its own set of challenges, and home products manufacturers are no different.

If you’re struggling to identify and overcome the struggles that come along with marketing a home product manufacturing company, we have some solutions for you.

Challenge: Ultra-Specific Needs

Marketing is much easier in industries where consumer needs are not super specific. That’s likely not the case for you. Many home products are highly specialized and may be difficult to explain in a simple ad.

Solution: Video

What better way to show your potential clients what you have to offer than through the use of video? Posting videos to your social media accounts (yes, you need social media accounts) will increase reach and engagement.

This doesn’t have to be a fancy production. You can take a video from your phone and post it to social media with minimal editing. One idea is to video client testimonials from happy clients. You could also video your product at work so people can see what you have to offer and how it could work in their homes.

Challenge: Long Sales Cycles

Unfortunately, the sales cycle for most home product manufacturers can be really long.

People start their research months in advance, so it may seem like your marketing campaigns are not producing results. This can be frustrating when you are trying to get new business right away, but the reality is it could take months for you to convert a lead into a client.

Solution: Plan Accordingly

You can’t necessarily change the length of your sales cycle, but you can plan accordingly. Keeping track of the time between the first contact and a closed transaction will help you plan and predict what your marketing efforts will produce.

If you know that it takes four to six months on average to convert a lead, you need to make sure your pipeline is full for that length of time.

Challenge: Keeping Up with Marketing Trends

Marketing is an ever-evolving industry. What works today may not work six months from now, so you must stay up to date on the latest trends to market your products effectively.

Solution: Carefully Monitor Your Success

Monitoring what is working and what used to work no longer is, will help you plan your marketing materials. One idea is to look at what your competitors are doing. You may not know the results of their marketing efforts, but you can at least get an idea of where trends may be heading.

Lastly, part of keeping up with trends is making sure your website is up to date. That means the graphics and text you use need to look current. Visiting a website that looks like it is from 1995 is a huge turn-off and makes your company look bad. Since you are delivering innovative products, you need your website and marketing materials to look like they are as forward-thinking as you are.

Need help with your strategic marketing efforts that are thoroughly integrated? We are here for you and your entire team. Contact us and we’ll throw in some complimentary services to help you overcome your tough marketing challenges, starting today!