Online & Offline Marketing

Once Branding & Positioning is set, strategic and integrated marketing follows. Why? The emotional connection to your target market now exists.

Traditional media, content marketing, and social media are powerful ways to educate your audience and build your unique brand. One of the first things to do is to get people’s attention, but you’ll need these 5 approaches:

Get Your Market’s Attention!

Be Different

We find different aspects of your business to promote that are unexpected or completely different from your competition!

Be Weird

Maybe you have pink trucks. Your crew has all beards. Whatever…it can be anything, big or small. We help you experiment with using it to get noticed.

Focus on a Niche

“There’s riches in niches.” By focusing on a specific part of the market, even though it’s small, you can own it.

Be Everywhere

Every day, countless things happen to you that your audience might find interesting. Capture it with a photo, a short video, or a quick thought. Then post on every channel you have. We can help with that, so before you know it, you’ll have a huge following.

Be Authentic

Give people a glimpse into who you really are. It will make your company more likable and more human, and people will respond to that.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help you get your market’s attention in all forms of Offline and Online media. Take a look at our sampling listed below.

Advertising & Public Relations

Ad Development & Design, Copywriting & Copyediting, Billboards, Radio, Indoor/Outdoor Signage, Media Planning/Buying, Press Releases/Distribution, Case Studies, Feature Stories, Speech Writing, Public Service Announcements, Media Relations

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Print Media and Custom Publishing

Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Custom Folders/Binders, Catalogs, Product Guides, Newsletters, Invitations, Annual Reports, Direct Mail Campaigns, Sales Kits, Postcards, Trade Show Literature, Client Gifts, Meeting & Banquet Programs

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Social Media

Website Design & Development, Blogs, E-Mail Marketing, E-Commerce, Digital Multimedia & Video, Animation, Product Demos, Training Materials, Podcasts, YouTube, SEO, Google Search, and other forms of digital media — which are abundant.

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