Here at RT Marketing, Inc., we offer many services, and our print newsletter is a service that makes us proud. Yet in today’s tech-driven world of smartphones and apps, some people are skeptical about using it as a part of their marketing strategy. We understand the caution around investing in print to promote your services; it’s not the cheapest option, but we stand by the effectiveness of our high-quality print newsletter to help reach potential clients and give your remodeling business an advantage over competitors. 

Here are some reasons why print is a powerful modality for marketing:

A Customized Approach with a Targeted Audience

Mailing a newsletter or postcard to your desired clientele allows you to select the target audience for your message with great precision. Mailing within your service areas, to neighborhoods with the style of home and income level appropriate for your company’s projects seems like the easy choice. Direct mail’s effectiveness in reaching your target audience is also trackable. You can rest assured that your marketing messages are being received.

Creating an Emotional Connection

One of the reasons print is so appealing is the strong, one-on-one, emotional connection that can be created between your business and your clients. Our print newsletters are highly customized reflecting your company’s services, values, and even your personality!

While apps, blogs, and websites can provide tailored information through visual and sometimes even auditory stimuli, a tactile component is lacking. Physical mail pieces let clients touch a tangible artifact while learning about what your company does at the same time. Engaging more senses tends to make businesses more memorable. They can read articles, look at photographs, and notice the texture and finishes of the paper. People have different ways of learning, so catering to tactile learners can increase an emotional connection with potential clients.

Many Happy Returns, on Your Print Investment

According to the United States Postal Service, 81% of households read or scan their mail on a daily basis. While people receive as many as 157 emails per day, the average person only receives two pieces of marketing mail per day. The odds are good that potential clients are more likely to keep a beautiful newsletter filled with informative articles than sift through a backlog of emails with more than a cursory read-through.

Homeowners who retain your print newsletter are a boon to your company. Not only does the retention of mail increase the likelihood of a later purchase from the receiver, but they may also pass the mailing on to other interested parties. This “extended shelf life” of print mail is one of the key reasons why it is an investment that keeps on giving.  

RT Marketing’s Role

Do you want to learn more about how print newsletters can launch your business to the next level? You can read more from our previous blog posts “Print is NOT Dead” or “Direct Mail: The Walking Dead,” about how we can use print, and direct mail, as part of your comprehensive marketing strategy. Contact us for more information!