You have something wonderful to offer the world through your business. Your skills in the building industry are not a small matter! As we get to know you as our clients, we see unique characteristics that your customers can greatly benefit from. It is truly our desire at RT Marketing to let those qualities shine brightly through your advertising. When we look at your company, we see your heart and passion. It is our passion to share what sets you apart from your competitors. There is nothing more rewarding to us than your success, and that is exactly what our recent STARS Award represents.

The North Carolina Home Builders Association presented 50 prestigious awards during the annual STARS Awards Gala on September 10, 2014 at 21st Century Building Expo and Conference. The STARS Awards program honors the achievements of builders, associates, realtors, media and advertising professionals, and many others from the Southeast region who make major contributions to the residential home building industry. We are proud to announce our 2014 STARS Award for Best Internet Marketing, Advertising, or Branding Project for an Associate.

The project we submitted was a campaign for a company whose target market goal was an older community that would bring high-end clients. We developed a contest with a multifaceted approach to reach into this community. By teaming up with two well-established businesses in the target area we used social media, email marketing, website, and print media to attract the locals by offering a hefty prize. As a result, our client’s company developed brand recognition in their desired market, received 10 unique referrals, increased social media traffic by 38%, and added 28 homeowners to their monthly e-newsletter!

The STARS Awards are one way we can reaffirm that our efforts are on track when it comes to platforms, current trends, timelessness, and effective strategies for industry-related marketing. We are so excited about this award, not necessarily for our sake, but that we were able to assist our client in reaching his goals toward success.

How are your marketing efforts working? We WANT you to be profitable! Whether you need guidance with your entire marketing budget or just one aspect like print or web advertising, we are here for YOU. We understand your dreams and we want to be an extension ladder to get you to the goal. Get in contact with us today and let’s make your next project STARS Award-worthy.