3 Reasons for Referring Business to Your Subcontractors and Colleagues

Looking for an easy way to generate website traffic, build goodwill, and get referrals for your home building and remodeling business? Try promoting the subcontractors and partners you trust.

As a building and remodeling contractor, you likely have a strong network of subcontractors that you work with: plumbers, electricians, tile installers, roofers, carpenters, and more. In addition, you probably know other professionals who work in the residential spaces, like Realtors, home inspectors, pest control, and lawn maintenance companies.

As long as you trust them and are comfortable referring them, you should consider promoting these companies on your website – either on your blog or on a dedicated partners page.

Here’s why:

Customers are Searching

It’s very common for homeowners to hit up Google when they need a contractor. They’ll often go there first to search for plumbers, electricians, and other service providers.

Their reasons for searching are varied. Maybe something broke and they need it fixed. Maybe they’re in the process of buying or selling a house and need some repairs. Maybe they’re taking on a DIY project and need a pro to do the skilled work.

If they’re searching, why not have them land on your page? That way, not only will they find what they’re looking for, but they will be exposed to the services you provide. They might not need a building/remodeling contractor right now, but they might in the future, and because you’ve helped them fill a need in the past, you might be higher on the list.

Leads to Referrals

When you help out a fellow contractor, it’s very likely they will return the favor.

Picture this scenario: A homeowner is taking on a DIY project to remodel a bathroom, and needs a plumber to quote on installing the water lines, drains and fixtures. They find a trusted plumber on your website.

When they meet with the plumber, the homeowner finds out they’re in over their head, and that hiring a remodeling contractor might be a good idea. So they ask the plumber who they should call.

The plumber, having just received a lead from your website, recommends you. All from a simple listing on your website that didn’t cost you anything.

Generates Goodwill

Most importantly, by referring your trusted partners and colleagues to homeowners, you can generate goodwill and build your reputation. That goes for homeowners as well as other contractors.

It shows that you’re committed to helping people get what they need, whether it’s homeowners finding professional help, or contractors getting good business. That’s the kind of reputation that can’t be bought, yet there’s nothing more valuable.

For other ideas about how you can build your brand and market your business, contact us!