Social media is a great place to spread the word about your building or remodeling business. From a marketing perspective, social media is necessary, but when allocating your spending, you should take some things into consideration. When it comes to leads and ROI, all social media is not created equally. When you’re marketing a service like home remodeling or building, rather than a product, some sites may get heavy traffic for “inspiration,” but even if thousands of people on the other side of the country like and share a before and after photo on your Pinterest page, is that translating into contracts signed?

So Many Social Media Options=Too Many Options?

It is helpful to have social media across all channels, but we believe that focusing on Facebook is the most helpful tool for remodelers. Instagram can also be helpful. Because so many people select remodeling or building services based on word-of-mouth referrals, Facebook is the ideal marketing channel for remodelers. Connecting with friends, family, past clients, and other supporters, in your service area, has a better ROI than spreading your marketing dollars thin on other platforms.

Building Relationships and Dream Homes

If you are unsure of the point of having a social media presence, consider that you prefer to do business with someone you know and trust. Facebook, and other social, helps people network, connect, build relationships, and share what they love with others. If your company is one of the things your followers love, then they will boost your word of mouth referrals with their own online network. Even when hiring a marketing company to manage your social media, you want them to stay authentic to your voice and branding. On the other hand, only sharing about your company comes across as overly “salesy” to many followers. Customers crave authenticity from brands. Try to find a balance of company achievements and information, relevant industry content, posts engaging your followers, and local and community content.     

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Cover Your Bases

Additionally, you can use your presence on Facebook and other social platforms to ask questions, not only creating relationships, but accomplishing a sampling of market research helping to target your advertising efforts. Customers can message you with questions, streamlining the prequalification process. You can seek out employees as well. One of the reasons social media is so necessary is its versatility. Create or commission posts showing the after photos of your projects, share helpful articles and links, even have your own videos shared to your Facebook page. Social media appeals to the senses and targets different types of learners to interact with your content. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with friends, supporters, and past clients.