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Atlanta Design & Build

(now Alair Homes Marietta)

Our company has worked with RT Marketing for over five years now. Prior to hiring them, we did everything we could to obtain good, solid leads in our desired geographic area.

We started out using several of RT Marketing’s services, while still relying on local magazine advertising, creating our own post cards, door hangers mailers, etc. for our remaining marketing needs. We were generating enough leads, but not exactly the type of project, nor the address/location of where we longed to work.

After some time, we requested that RT Marketing manage our entire marketing program. They redesigned our logo, and developed brand consistency across every aspect of the media, to include all of our vehicles. RT Marketing target marketed our company on specific demographics within our chosen geographic area with the use of print newsletters, postcards, yard signs to name a few, and seriously updated our website. They started a monthly e-Newsletter & blog for our company, also added accounts on Face Book, Instagram, and Houzz to name a few.

It took a couple of years, but we can honestly say RT Marketing has taken our business to a place where we pretty much only receive leads (great leads) from our desired geographic area. This has allowed us to be more selective in the type of project we take on, and its location – and that is a HUGE accomplishment! RT has always been so attentive to our needs. They listen to our ideas, and are willing to work with us. We love RT Marketing, they’ve become family to us, they are simply the best!!

Keely Contant

North Carolina Home Builders Association

RT Marketing has been a great partner for the North Carolina Home Builders Association for more than a decade. We have several websites to maintain, including for our 21stCentury Expo tradeshow as well as the main association homepage, nchba.org. RT Marketing delivers outstanding customer service. If an issue ever arose, their staff was easy to contact and always quick to respond. I would absolutely recommend RT Marketing to anyone looking for web design and site maintenance.

Jeffrey Turner – Director of Communications

Tibma Design Build

The RT Marketing team has a tremendous sense of style. I get compliments about my logo and art work regularly. The web page is several years old and still feels fresh and engaging.

Dan Tibma

Leo Lantz Construction, Inc.

They helped us produce and distribute beautiful and professional content for a quarterly newsletter that kept us in contact with our client base.

Leo Lantz

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