Of course, you’re trying get your company noticed among your competitors. What makes your design and build, remodeling, or home building company different? Effective differentiators have a tangible impact on your clients, and they’re factual rather than exaggerations.

Many companies take the easy, and ineffective, route, speaking in superlatives about their company to the tune of “the best,” “the most reliable,” or the “lowest prices.” Phrases like this are so overused in marketing copy, that they have lost virtually all meaning, and, for the most part, these claims are not provable. Your company may well have awards and certifications, but other local remodeling companies likely do as well.

Know Thyself—and Your Target Demographic

We want you to feel proud of your business, but unless you can you subjectively prove that you’re the “best,” try to avoid making claims that can’t be proven. Making unprovable claims can get your website penalized, while establishing authentic authority on your site can help your search rankings improve. Let’s say your business has more in-house employees than any other design/build company in your region: you can honestly say that you have the largest company in your region. When making a true statement differentiating your company from your competitors, choose facts that your potential client cares about. They may or may not care that your company is the largest. Knowing your demographic can help you make decisions about which differentiators will appeal the most to your ideal clients

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Some companies have a tendency to try being everything to everyone, sometimes to their detriment. Not only will your company seem inauthentic and your brand suffer inconsistency, but your resources will be spread thin by this approach. You are casting a wide net but likely catching a lot of “fish” that do not need or want your services. Try shooting fish in a barrel instead. Consider the customers in your ideal demographic and narrow down what appeals to them.

What Really Makes Your Company Different?

Professional credentials and certifications are important, but your competitors likely have these as well. Maybe your company has a streamlined process for designing and building a home? Many people who seek out these types of remodels or custom homes are highly driven, successful, people who are detail-oriented and lead busy lives. Of course, a streamlined process will have them selecting you from a lineup of other high-achieving businesses who may not have a system.

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If your prices really are “the best,” or you have a talented in-house interior designer, or the materials you use are top of the line, or your warranty goes above and beyond typical warranties, then feel free to highlight these facts. But for any of these qualities to truly be a differentiator, it has to be something special, something that your competitors do not have, or can’t very easily replicate.

Combine Your Business’s Qualities for Impact

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Your company is unique, there is no doubt about that. It’s just a matter of finding which areas of your expertise to focus on when promoting your services. You can take several of your differentiators and combine them for greater impact; for example, RT Marketing’s website states that “For over 30 years, RT Marketing has been helping remodelers, custom home builders, manufacturers, and even trade shows to reach qualified customers.” We have been in business a long time and have a niche marketing specialty: remodelers and builders! Contact us today to get started on a personalized marketing plan for your building or remodeling company.