I have written a few checklists on hiring dependable contractors, but what about the customers your company works with? The quality of your customer can impact your bottom line, but is there such a thing as an ideal client? Read more to consider what characteristics an ideal customer has…

The Call

It’s a Wednesday when she calls. For the sake of being mysterious, we’ll call her Ms. Terious. Ms. T, for short. Ms. T. calls and asks how your week is going. She tells you she has obtained financing for a whole house remodel, and after many weeks of research, she wants you to come out and give her a free consultation. You eagerly dispatch your best associate to launch your company’s vetted sales process.

The Consultation

man with cup of black coffee

Pleasant, and seemingly in no hurry, Ms. T. sets a time for your salesperson to come out to her home and see what she has in mind for her whole house remodel. She greets the salesperson and offers him a steaming cup of coffee. She pulls out a small binder where she has gathered meticulous notes on exactly what she wants, complete with drawings, photos, and material lists. She even—what on earth—she even has price listings that are accurate for some of the materials.

Gazing deep into his cup of coffee, the salesman wonders whether Ms. T. is punking him.

You’re Hired!

After he takes measurements and begins discussing possibilities for the project, Ms. T. agrees on every suggestion. She says, and I quote: “I will leave it to you; after all, you’re the expert.” She decides to hire your company on the spot, saying “Well, you aren’t the least expensive company I’ve seen, but you get what you pay for!” She shows no surprise or dismay when the date to begin her project is six weeks into the future (it is your busy season after all), she waves goodbye from the doorway. She waves with such a serene smile, the salesman wonders whether she may be waiting right there for the team to come back (in six weeks) still smiling.  

Hidden Challenges Met with Resilience

During the first week of the project, some disturbing moisture damage is uncovered within the walls of the home. Ms. T. blithely signs a check for the difference in price, saying “I’m certainly glad you found that so it could be resolved.” When a material change is suggested, she quickly decides on the new material. All of Ms. T.’s decisions are lightning-fast, and she never changes her mind later.

brownies made by ideal customer

When bad weather delays the project, Ms. T. makes homemade cocoa and brownies to greet the crew when they return and doesn’t get anxious or complain. She always knows what is going on with her remodel, because she communicates with her project manager, and has developed a good rapport with every member of the crew. Ms. T. understands the process and the inherent inconvenience of living in a house under renovation is something she brushes aside. Ms. T. is adaptable, flexible, patient, and understanding. She values what you do and has the funds to pay for it. And she is nice.

Just like Mary Poppins, your client is practically perfect in every way.

An Ideal Client is a Rare Gem

A large diamond

Clients this ideal are rare gems. Seeking out prospective customers who can afford and value your services, as well as those who possess a certain amount of likability, is important for the success of your company. Every story of a “nightmare contractor” likely has a “nightmare customer” equivalent. This is why your gatekeeper and your sales team are so important. The people in these positions must have tact and discernment when deciding whether or not someone’s personality will match your company’s. Even if they can afford your services an indecisive, disrespectful, or unreasonable client will cut into your profits.

Do you need help marketing to your ideal client? Contact RT Marketing today! We have lots of experience helping our clients cherry pick their marketing demographic. Who knows, we may help you find your own Ms. T.!