To get attention, make your employees central to your marketing.

These days, a big part of successful marketing is standing out. And standing out means being different.

Not better. Not less expensive. Different.

When it comes to marketing their services, most home building and remodeling contractors will want to focus on the quality of the work they do, their craftsmanship, and design capabilities. They’ll either imply or state explicitly that their work is the best in town, better than the competition’s.

But there’s a problem. That kind of claim is easy to make, all of your competitors can make it, and customers have seen it a million times. As good as the work you do might be, your attention to detail, your commitment to quality, claims like that are not going to resonate with customers. At least not initially.

If you want to get the attention of new customers, you need to do something different. One of the best ways you be different and stand out from your competition is by featuring and celebrating your people.

There are a number of reasons why this is a winning strategy.

People are Interesting

Face it, the work you do as a contractor is not all that different from what your competitors do, at least not in the eye of potential customers.

But your people are different. They have different backgrounds, interests, personalities, and stories. When you share your employees’ stories, when you celebrate their achievements and successes, that resonates with potential customers.

That’s because people like other people. They want to feel comfortable with the individuals who will be working in their homes. By celebrating your employees, you make it easier for potential customers to get to know them, even like them, before they even contact you for a quote.

Create Loyal Employees

There’s another group of people you reach when you celebrate your people – your employees themselves.

When you make them a central part of your marketing, they appreciate that. They feel valued and important to your organization.

As a result, they will naturally do better work and be strong advocates and ambassadors for your company.

You Can Be Different

As we mentioned above, people are used to hearing claims of greatness and superiority, not only from contractors, but also from auto repair shops, retail stores, and just about anyone else who’s trying to sell them a product or a service.

By putting your people at the center of your marketing, you can offer a refreshing change. Potential customers will be naturally drawn to your content, wanting to learn more about who your employees are and what makes them special.

And that will allow you to get more than your fair share of attention.

Then, once you have their attention, that’s when you have the opportunity to share your craftsmanship, quality, and design capabilities. That’s because you’ve been able to cut through the noise and stand out among your competition.