Have you ever gotten a phone call from a client looking for a home remodeling contractor only to find out that what they needed was not something you offer? It happens all the time since contractors can take on so many different projects.

There may not be a way to completely eliminate this from happening, but there is a way to target potential clients looking for the services you offer. That’s through content marketing.

Content marketing allows you to show off your areas of expertise while attracting clients who are ready to get to work.

The Basics

Content marketing revolves around planning and designing content that is made specifically for the type of client you’d like to work with. The content can come in the form of social media posts, blogs on your website, and printed pieces.

These pieces will drive traffic to your website, provide information that your potential clients are looking for, and increase the amount of business you get.

There are plenty of reasons contractors should begin content marketing, here are just a few:

Set Yourself Apart

Content marketing gives you the opportunity to show what makes you unique. It allows you to show clients why you do what you do. You can tell the story of how your grandfather started this company 60 years ago. Or you could highlight how your company helps the community.

Customers want to know who they are hiring and what they can expect during the construction process. Having this information along with helpful tips will make them more inclined to work with you over the other contractors who may not have any type of online footprint. Including things about your values and goals will help make you stand out from other contractors who probably don’t have a website, let alone one with a targeted content marketing strategy.

Form Connections

If your content marketing is done correctly, it will give customers a glimpse into your personality as well as the services you offer. Including video or photos in your content will allow the clients to determine if you are the right person for the job. They’ll see the incredible transformations you’ve worked on while getting to know you and your company. 

Get More Leads

Of course, the main goal with content marketing is to grow your business which is exactly what you’ll do. Having a website with photos and blogs will help you rank higher on google searches. Using strategic keywords will make your site more visible to people who are performing searches online. 

Once a lead visits your website, you’ll want to make sure it is full of useful information that will make you look like the expert you are. Hopefully, they’ll reach out to you with questions, and then it is up to you to turn that lead into a client.

Shorten The Sales Cycle

Today’s clients are doing more of their own research than ever before. Most of that research is done online. If you are able to capture leads by driving them to your website where they will be treated to amazing content, when they give you a call, their mind will already be made up. They won’t call to ask questions – they’ll call you to set a start date.

If you know your construction company needs content marketing but you aren’t sure how to get started, we can help! Contact us to get started.