What is content marketing and why do I need it?

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You have probably seen many different marketing strategies come and go in your years as a business owner. Our job is to stay in touch with the latest and most effective marketing strategies for our clients. In 2019, and the future, content marketing is here to stay! If you have a great marketing team (like RT Marketing…) then maybe you are saying, what is content marketing? I have people dealing with this for me. Content marketing uses information-rich content to educate consumers, building trust and awareness over time. It is one of the first ways potential clients begin establishing a relationship with a company and how past clients stay connected.

Potential clients spend more time researching products and services than ever before. After all, a simple voice search with a Smartphone sends a homeowner to a virtually bottomless collection of blogs, articles, and websites. What makes your business stand out? High quality content that provides value to potential clients. Marketing is about putting ourselves in a customer’s shoes. Do they have a problem? How can we provide them with a solution? Do they have a question? How can we answer their questions in a way no one else will—before they even ask?

What do homeowners want? What do they need? What are they passionate about? Whether they are looking for a gourmet kitchen, a custom closet, or an outdoor living space, people gravitate toward content in the form of:

There are many behind the scenes factors that go into creating stellar marketing content. Certainly, having a professional writer is helpful. But SEO is also an important part of the equation. Readability impacts the quality of your content, as do accompanying photos, images, and graphics: this is why high-quality content can remain elusive for the amateur marketer. Our marketing team consists of professionals in marketing, writing, Web, and graphic design. Working together we are a powerhouse!

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How can we give accurate and current information on remodeling, assuring your audience of your expertise? At RT Marketing we market exclusively for remodelers, contractors, and home builders: our focus is our strength. We are dedicated, educated, and passionate about the industry. We strive to collaborate with our clients, ensuring the message created for them is as accurate and representative of their work as possible. We get to know your company, so we can keep your company’s brand and voice at the forefront of your content strategy. Do you need marketing services? Contact us today to get started!