At RT Marketing, we’re big believers in content. It allows you to showcase your remodeling expertise and address your potential clients’ needs.

Content marketing helps you to build relationships with your clients and develop your brand, not just focus on the hard sell. Along with blogs and social media, podcasts are one of the best ways to get that message out.

5 Benefits of a podcast

1. They are growing in popularity

2020 continued the growth trend for podcasts. More than half of Americans have listened to a podcast, and a quarter of Americans listen to podcasts every week. Forty-five percent of regular podcast listeners have a household income of more than $75,000.

Podcast listeners do skew younger than the general population, but 52 percent of monthly listeners are 35 or older. Comedy is the most popular genre, while educational/informational podcasts are the second-most popular category – good news for remodelers!

2. Show off your personality

More than almost any other medium, podcasts really give you an opportunity to show off your personality and/or the personalities of your team. You’re communicating with your audience in a personal way and offering a human element. People like to buy from people they know and podcasts and video help create that feeling that these clients “know” you. Bringing in industry experts and multiple people from your team will make it more interesting than just a single person speaking.

3. Build authority

It may seem like everyone has a podcast, but in the big picture, hosting a podcast automatically offers a measure of authority. You and your team know plenty about remodeling and speaking about it every week or month gives you a great measure of credibility. Using social media and other outreach to see what your listeners want allows them to be part of the process by either helping you to develop content topics or simply offering a Q&A section in each podcast.

Podcasts also offer a deeper dive into topics than you can get from a Facebook post or even a blog. Spending 30 minutes talking about remodeling a bathroom allows you to get deep into the details of the challenges and trends your team is seeing. And the good news is that podcast listeners are willing to engage – 80 percent of listeners listen to the all or most of an average episode. Compare that to the seconds you get from the average social media post.

4. Reach busy people

A large number of people listen to podcasts on the go – while out for a run or walk, while in the car or at work. More than half of podcasts are listened to away from home, so it is a great way to reach and engage busy parents and homeowners. As people start returning to offices and commuting in 2021, that’s only going to become more important.

5. Increase traffic to your website

Just like social media and blogging, it is another chance to get in front of homeowners and drive them to your website … and hopefully drive more business!

Embedding the podcasts on a dedicated page on your website will generate more backlinks to your site and increase the average time spent on the site, which both help boost your Google rank. Need help getting your podcast off the ground? Contact RT Marketing today to see how we can help improve your marketing!