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As a marketing company for contractors, it’s our job to provide you with expert advice on the most current, effective marketing trends and strategies in both the marketing world and the building industry. RT Marketing employs a wide variety of online and offline tactics to tailor a marketing strategy that works for you and your business.

We utilize digital marketing, website design, search engine optimization, social media, and blogs to increase your business’s visibility and viability on the web. More traditional offerings such as printed advertisements, direct mail, and other offline tactics work together to develop successful marketing programs for those in the construction industry.

“Our personalized, adaptive approach to your marketing means that when your business makes a change or your marketing plan needs to shift, you won’t be stuck with a program or strategy that no longer fits your needs.”


Robb Bolick

Director of Operations

Heather Greene Powell

Senior Designer

Chris Thiede

Content Strategist

Houston Harris

Search Marketing Specialist

A Marketing Firm is Born

Many years ago a friend of our founder, Robert Kraay, asked him to help promote their home remodeling business. Together these two devised a number of creative yet affordable solutions to generate new leads, including a print newsletter that could be shared among non-competing contractors to keep the cost down.

Now, more than 31 years later, RT Marketing remains a successful marketing firm focused on promoting remodeling companies, home builders, and others in the construction industry.

Robert Kraay

Founder & Brand Ambassador

Anthony R. Souza

Founder & President

Roseanne Souza

Vice President & Creative Director

A Strategic Alliance is Born

In 2020, RT Marketing joined forces with The Souza Agency, Inc. team, Annapolis MD. This collaboration provided new marketing services, expertise, and unique offerings for our clients. Anthony’s strategic planning and leadership, along with Roseanne’s creative direction and insight, have helped RT Marketing develop a culture of growth and stability.

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