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Strategic Marketing Services

If you create, design, build, or manufacture things, you need to tell your story. That is where we come in.

Whether you need a different approach to marketing or help with what you are already doing, RT Marketing can help. We don’t provide you with a long list of things we can do and expect you to understand what they are and how to put them together effectively. After all, that is why you are looking for a marketing company. What we offer is marketing experience, skill, guidance, and knowledge in these USA industries.

Strategic Marketing

When you consider the ever-changing world of marketing and the constant shifting of the building, remodeling, and manufacturing industries, you get a very rocky and unstable terrain to navigate. That is why you need a guide—a marketing sherpa of sorts. Someone who knows these USA industries and can keep you on track. Look to RT Marketing to be just such a guide. We have over 32 years’ experience in doing this very thing: helping manufacturers, home builders, and remodelers stay on track and become more successful.

Strategic Marketing

You’ve probably tried marketing your own company before and possibly been somewhat successful. Even so, it’s easy to get off-track or stagnant. The terrain can shift in a moments notice and you find yourself lost or going in the wrong direction. Our job is to keep an eye on the landscape, an ear to the ground, and make sure you are prepared for what’s around the corner. We spend the greater part of our lives trekking through this very countryside, studying the signs, looking for strengths and weaknesses and learning how to adapt.


Marketing is simple on the surface. It’s basically telling people what you offer and how to get it. The problem is that what worked 20 years ago (or 10, or even 5) may not work at all today.

This is why we offer adaptive plus integrated marketing. We start by discussing your business, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategy for reaching your target audience. However, where they are today and how these potential clients want to interact with you will change. Sometimes overnight and sometimes over years. Either way, we don’t want to lock you into something that no longer works for you if the winds change

Skilled, Knowledgable,
AND Real

The greatest strength of RT Marketing is the people. We are a team of individuals who never forget that you and your company are also real people. Your success is just as important to us as our own and we take a personal interest in everything we do.

But we are more than caring. We are also skilled and knowledgable in marketing, designing, writing, analyzing, planning, and so much more. This is what we consider the key to success, both yours and ours.

Whenever you are ready for a complete marketing program or assistance with a few weak areas, we are ready to help you reach your goals.

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Strategic Marketing Services for Manufacturers, Remodelers, Home Builders, Designers, and Building Industry Professionals for 32+ years.