Why is a niche marketing company preferable to a general marketing company? Due to the nature of what design/build/remodel companies like yours do, there’s not much time left for marketing. And you need marketing. We know your industry. Our team has a combination of almost 60 years’ experience marketing for remodelers and home builders. We hold memberships with some of the same professional organizations as you, and we read the same trade publications, research, and news.

This specialized knowledge gives us an unsurpassed depth of understanding toward marketing your services to your desired clientele. Most of all, we care about your business and want you to succeed. Much like a successful design/build company, we listen to your wants and needs, which helps us to tap into your brand’s voice. Then, just like you do for your clients, we build something together that reflects your personality and also makes your life easier.  

RT Marketing: Niche Marketing for Remodelers and Builders

man touching the year 2020 with Stock graph. Concept of niche marketing for success

We’ve specialized in providing remodelers and home builders, just like you, with marketing services for more than 30 years. Combine all of our experience marketing for companies like yours with dedicated marketing experts in the fields of web development, design, copywriting, and direct mail, and you have an idea why going niche will take your marketing to a new level of professionalism.

You aren’t going to want to miss the opportunity to see the marketing plans we are rolling out for 2020. The RT Marketing team has been hard at work coming up with a fresh take on our managed marketing programs. We have more a la carte plans for e-newsletters, blogs, and social media as well. Have almost all of your marketing needs conveniently handled by one company using the most up to date strategies or try several of our offerings. Contact us today to find out more!